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We are redefining our periods. Every Cycle at a time.

Our Every Cycle reusable tampon applicator replaces wasteful disposable applicators. Every Cycle tampons are made with a 100% certified organic cotton core and wrapped in a biodegradable wrapper.


What’s the Big Deal?

The average woman throws away over 10,000 plastic applicators during her period lifetime

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Reusable Tampon Applicator

Reusable Tampon Applicator

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Organic Tampons

Organic Tampons

Every Cycle 100% certified organic cotton core tampons are designed... — $5.50

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Hello Summer Special!

Hello Summer Special!

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Our Story

We’re all familiar with that midnight waddle to the bathroom: that imminent feeling of the dreaded gush, then the rush to get a new tampon, only to find that there are no more plastic applicator style tampons, and all that remains is that dusty box of applicator free tampons from years ago. One night, as I found myself in this position,  I frantically thought to myself about what to do next! In my midnight haze, I became quite innovative, and tried to clean a used plastic applicator that I found in the trash can, and insert a new applicator free tampon into it.

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